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Resources: writing, publishing; yoga & meditation; cafes; nonfic books in fragments

resources for productivity & organization

(This is a list of programs and tools that have helped others. This isn't an endorsement.)


London Writers' Salon free Zoom write-alongs at 2, 7, 10am & 3pm Chicago time, weekdays

Freedom distraction blocker
Time-management apps & other resources for ADHD adults
More time-management apps
toggl timetracker
Pomodoro technique
moosti timer
32 Tools and Apps Freelance Writers Swear By

Printable monthly calendar


How to Organize Your Work & Your Life, Robert Moskowitz (I do like this book. It's got me where I am today, which may or may not be considered an endorsement.)
The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination & Enjoying Guilt Free Play, Neil Fiore

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