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Short Pieces: Links



"The Divide," Narrative Magazine

 "A Houston Story," Tikkun

"Sheetrock," Jewish Fiction

"Hagar, or: The Handmaid's Tale," Lilith

"Liberator," Chicago Review

"To Be Read Aloud, Preferably with a Stranger," Kenyon Review

"Sheets," the Cortland Review

"The Fabulist: After the Procession during Which the Child in the Crowd Shouted, 'But the Emperor Has No Clothes!'" North American Review

"Brunch," the New Yorker




"Up Against It," The Rupture

"A Traveler's Lexicon," Newcity

"The South in Texas," Modern Southern Folklore

 "America: a Polemic," Killing the Buddha

"Notes from a Native Houstonian: From Juneteenth to George Floyd," Newcity

"Summer 2020: Camp Outsider," Newcity

"Celebrating Jewish Feminism...in Serbia," Lilith

"What to do with the art of men who act despicably? We can teach it," Houston Chronicle

"Recalling the Jewish Meyerland All But Gone After Harvey," Houston Press

"1917 Riot," Tikkun

"On being one-breasted," Chicago Tribune

"How a Chicago Priest Became an Unwitting Civil Rights Figure," Chicago Reader

"Remembering an 'Outside Agitator' Who was Killed for his Beliefs," the Progressive

"When we Marched Together in Selma," Forward

"Mikvah: That Which Will Not Stay Submerged," Fourth Genre

"Bar Mitzvah Boy Comes to the Aid of a Southern Synagogue in Disrepair," Tablet

"Holocaust Girls/Lemon," Ploughshares

"If the 'story' could talk," In These Times

"Margot's Diary," Creative Nonfiction

"Sorority Rush," Chicago Reader

"The Language of Heimatlos," New England Review

"The way of all waiting," Salon

"When You Hate Your Neck" (Nora Ephron), Chicago Reader

"Dying to Try it, Trying to Diet," Chicago Reader

"What's So Funny About Cancer?" Chicago Reader

"Bitching and Blogging Through Breast Cancer," Northwestern alumni magazine

"Irving Berlin, the Margin and the Mainstream," Crab Orchard Review

"Jew in the Body," Ars Medica

"Furniture, Rental Workers, Houston," Brevity


-craft essays:


"Notes on Eternity," TriQuarterly

"The Certainty of Ambivalence (on Sallie Tisdale's 'We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse's Tale')," Michael Steinberg's Blog

"When Confession Isn't Enough: Adversity, Art, and Remembering Mike Steinberg," panel transcript, AWP 2021


-interviews (Q&As):


"Freedom Rider Thomas Armstrong on segregation, progress, and the trauma of war," Chicago Reader

"The Rumpus mini-interview project: David Biespiel"

"Why the owner of a software company in Zurich gave strangers free trips to Egypt: an interview with Tarek Monib," Another Chicago Magazine




"Thou Shalt Not Be Political," Essay Daily

"Mussulmen," Michigan Quarterly Review

"In a Sympathetic Light: Doing Dishes While Listening to Albert Speer's 'Inside the Third Reich' on Tape," "The Bobolinis," "Yang," Contrary Magazine