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My Books

"virtuosic...poignant"--Kyle Minor, Salon


"Wisenberg brings her serious writing chops to bear in unflinching observations on breast cancer, cancer research, and teaching." --Library Journal


"(An) incredible book.... Wisenberg is acerbic, unsettling, truthful, and often hilarious." --Rain Taxi


"The Adventures of Cancer Bitch is funny, touching, sad, uplifting and informative - all at the same time."
--Chicago Tribune

"... smart, self-deprecating sense of humor..." --MORE magazine


"deeply personal, often darkly funny"–Kirkus Reviews


"A frank, funny and insightful account of one woman's battle with breast cancer. Wisenberg reveals the realities of life with cancer and how smarts, style and a self-deprecating sense of humor help her fight back against disease."--Self magazine Cancer Resource


"Wisenberg presents a tart first collection of short stories concerned with the threads that hold families together....With humor and wisdom, Wisenberg charts the small misfortunes and heartbreaks that a lifetime contains and gives readers sharply drawn characters they will enjoy meeting." --Brendan Dowling, Booklist


"Traditional Jewish storytelling is given a vibrant new twist in The Sweetheart Is In, a witty and intimate debut collection of short stories by S.L. Wisenberg. In pithy prose and brief paragraphs, Wisenberg documents the secret hopes and fears of her characters, many practicing Jews, others mindful of their heritage." --Publishers Weekly


"...deeply felt and rewarding"--Kirkus Reviews


"Wisenberg's witty, aphoristic style sometimes recalls the voice of Grace Paley's wise protagonist, Faith." --Valerie Miner,
Chicago Tribune

 "equal parts Fran Lebowitz and Leon Wieseltier"--Kirkus Reviews

"Anyone who gets meditative around the High Holy Days, wondering exactly what it means to be a contemporary American and a Jew, will find a caring companion in Chicago-based journalist S.L. Wisenberg. . . .The strength of this collection is not so much in the answers Wisenberg provides, but in the questions she raises." --Forward


"With her lucid style and power of observation, Wisenberg's insightful essays are gems not to be missed." --Booklist


"This is one of the more provocative collections of writing I have encountered in some time, and I remain in admiration of Wisenberg for her curiosity, her use of imagination, and her eloquence...Wisenberg is an original voice, a writer who takes risks, and...I'd willingly follow her anywhere her mind may take her/us."--Maureen Stanton, Fourth Genre

I have nonfiction, fiction & poetry in these anthologies:



In Brief: Short Takes on the Personal, eds. Mary Paumier Jones & Judith Kitchen

Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction, ed. Judith Kitchen 

Creating Nonfiction: A Guide and Anthology, eds. Becky Bradway & Douglas Hesse

Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft, Janet Burroway 

In the Middle of the Middle West: Literary Nonfiction from the Heartland, ed. Becky Bradway

On Nature: Great Writers on the Great Outdoors, ed. Lee Gutkind

Brute Neighbors: Urban Nature Poetry, Prose & Photography, ed. Chris Green





Life is Short--Art is Shorter: In Praise of Brevity, eds. David Shields & Elizabeth Cooperman

Crafting The Very Short Story: An Anthology of 100 Masterpieces, ed. Mark Mills

When Night Fell: An Anthology of Holocaust Short Stories, eds. Linda Schermer Raphael & Marc Lee Raphael

Pushcart XXI: Best of the Small Presses, ed. Bill Henderson 

Neurotica: Jewish Writers on Sex, ed. Melvin Jules Bukiet





Poetry from Sojourner: A Feminist Anthology, eds. Ruth Lepson with Lynne Yamaguchi

Atomic Ghost: Poets Respond To The Nuclear Age, ed. John Bradley

Benchmark: Anthology of Contemporary Illinois Poetry, eds. James McGowan and Lynn DeVore