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My Books & shorter works

Click here to pre-order the paperback forthcoming 10/22/24. If you can't wait, order a used copy from Abe Books or try your library. 

"Wisenberg brings her serious writing chops to bear in unflinching observations on breast cancer, cancer research, and teaching." --Library Journal


"virtuosic...poignant"--Kyle Minor, Salon


 "The Adventures of Cancer Bitch is funny, touching, sad, uplifting and informative - all at the same time."--Chicago Tribune

"Best book for someone who likes the idea of the Oprah Book Club but thinks they're too cool"--Time Out Chicago


"deeply personal, often darkly funny"–Kirkus Reviews

"(An) incredible book.... Wisenberg is acerbic, unsettling, truthful, and often hilarious." --Rain Taxi


"A frank, funny and insightful account of one woman's battle with breast cancer. Wisenberg reveals the realities of life with cancer and how smarts, style and a self-deprecating sense of humor help her fight back against disease."--Self magazine Cancer Resource


"...defiant, combative, use humor strategically." Wisenberg uses "cancer as a subversive muse." --Mary K. DeShazer, Mammographies: The Cultural Discoures of Breast Cancer

"Traditional Jewish storytelling is given a vibrant new twist in The Sweetheart Is In, a witty and intimate debut collection of short stories by S.L. Wisenberg." --Publishers Weekly


"Wisenberg's witty, aphoristic style sometimes recalls the voice of Grace Paley's wise protagonist, Faith." --Valerie Miner, Chicago Tribune


"Wisenberg presents a tart first collection of short stories concerned with the threads that hold families together....With humor and wisdom, Wisenberg charts the small misfortunes and heartbreaks that a lifetime contains and gives readers sharply drawn characters they will enjoy meeting." --Brendan Dowling, Booklist


"She is an important Jewish storyteller, but with a fresh voice."--Sally Dooley, Review of Texas Books


"Perhaps S.L. Wisenberg is one of Jewish literature's lamed vovniks--keeping Jewish literature fresh and vital and insuring that the Jewish writer is still a unique storyteller and observer of Jewish life like no other writer."--Judith Bolton-Fassman, JBooks



"equal parts Fran Lebowitz and Leon Wieseltier"--Kirkus Reviews


"This is one of the more provocative collections of writing I have encountered in some time, and I remain in admiration of Wisenberg for her curiosity, her use of imagination, and her eloquence...Wisenberg is an original voice, a writer who takes risks, and...I'd willingly follow her anywhere her mind may take her/us."--Maureen Stanton, Fourth Genre


"Anyone who gets meditative around the High Holy Days, wondering exactly what it means to be a contemporary American and a Jew, will find a caring companion in Chicago-based journalist S.L. Wisenberg. . . .The strength of this collection is not so much in the answers Wisenberg provides, but in the questions she raises." --Amy Waldman, Forward


"With her lucid style and power of observation, Wisenberg's insightful essays are gems not to be missed." --Booklist