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Resources: writing, publishing; yoga & meditation; cafes; nonfic books in fragments

resources for writers

Erika Dreifus' The Practicing Writer newsletter
Agent Query free database
Red Fish Studio daily notices re: submissions &tc.
Set of Principles in Fair Use for Journalists, Pat Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi
Association of Writers & Writing Programs: conferences & residencies, MFA program guide, writers' calendar
Creative Writers Opportunities compiled by poet Allison Joseph
Community of Literary Magazines and Presses
Writers Write
New Pages: small press & journal reviews, calls for submission
Jane Friedman: publishing & marketing advice & links
Poets & Writers classifieds: calls for submissions
Driftwood Press: where to submit (lit mags)

Felicia Chavez discussing the Anti-Racist Writing Workshop (book) on youtube

Sonoma County Literary Update: lots of resources

Manuscript Wish List (what agents and editors want) 

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