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Book cover reveal

a woman's body made up of red cutouts
Winner of the Juniper Prize in creative nonfiction, forthcoming from the U of Massachusetts Press, 3/31/23

I don't know if cover reveal came before or after gender reveal, but it's the same idea, making as much noise about something that used to be very quiet. This is what my new book will look like, right:


The Wandering Womb: Essays in Search of Home won the 2022 Juniper Prize in nonfiction and will be published by the University of Massachusetts Press on March 31, 2023. Expect blood, breath, Jews, Freud, Texas, and blows against the patriarchy.


"It's a collection that often is wry but never cynical, deeply learned and always alert to humor and wonder."--David Toomey


"A sharp, deeply questioning mind and a wayward heart inform these delicious essays. They are wry, humorous, melancholy, and universally relatable, filled with the shock of recognition." --Phillip Lopate